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The Struggle is Real

I love sharing my stories as well as hearing other people’s when I work with clients or teach classes to farmers and ranchers around the Northwest. They are always so much funnier after the fact or when they are about someone else’s family and operation, but we all have them.

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To QBO or Not to QBO

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is becoming a big deal.  The big question is do you make the switch from desktop and go online or do you stick with the desktop program?  It’s a big decision.  I have tried to avoid the online version for as long as possible, but the truth is, it is a real…

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How about a Tip?

QuickBooks is a huge program that can do so much more than many people realize or will even realistically ever use.  It’s a little overwhelming learning about how detailed you can get with recording and analyzing your records.  There are some little things that can make your life so much easier or efficient with the…

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