Long Term Farm & Ranch
Real Estate Loans

Pacific Intermountain Mortgage Company is dedicated to providing farmers and ranchers with quality real estate mortgages at the best possible value for the borrower. We strive to make every effort to provide timely honest and professional service. Our company is small by comparison allowing us to provide very personal service.

Our Services

Pacific Intermountain Mortgage Company originates loans through the Farmer Mac I Program, Farmer Mac II Program, and Agri-Access. We offer a variety of flexible loan programs to meet all your rural real estate and agricultural financial needs.

We utilize the Farmer Mac I and II programs that are designed for buyers and owners of farms and rural properties.

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Did You Know?

Farmer Mac has helped fund loans to more than 62,000 rural borrowers in all 50 states resulting in over $36 billion of investment in rural America.

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